The Eclipse and Feeding the Hungry

I saw scientist and futurist, Michio Kaku, this week explain the “cosmic coincidence” of the eclipse. ( Kaku said, “This should be on everyone’s bucket list…I am a physicist. This is about as close as a scientist can get to a spiritual experience. You feel like you are at one with the universe. Cosmic forces right there in your glasses.

Kindness Matters

Often, throughout my life, I have heard comments such as “Why don’t these people get a job and earn enough to support themselves and their families,” and “No one ever gave me anything; I had to earn it.” What I see on Tuesday nights as our guests filter in one by one into the food distribution room is not a group of “poor” looking for a free handout...

A Night at Feeding Hands: A Volunteer Perspective

A Night at Feeding Hands Pantry

by Maria Gerick

Prayer tonight was AMAZING! The Holy Spirit worked so powerfully. People who walked in down cast, defeated, or with little expectation left with joy, a smile, and a new hope.

To watch a person be transformed like that was overwhelming, and I had to hold back the tears several times. Some of the women cried while I prayed for physical healing, finances, wisdom, strength, and more. One man said as he left the room, “Thank you…I feel like crying”. They were just so overwhelmed with God’s love.

Thanksgiving is coming!

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and the team at Feeding Hands is ready to serve our guests. On Saturday, November 19, we're expecting more than 200 of them to come by to pick up a turkey and all the fixins' for a full Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving Tradition Feeding Hands Style

Thanksgiving Tradition Feeding Hands Style!

“By the goodness of God, we are so far from want”. These words were penned by William Bradford after the first Thanksgiving harvest celebration in the Colonies in 1621. All spring and summer, the colonists had worked together fishing, planting, harvesting, hunting and sharing equally among themselves…even sharing with those who were not strong enough to work due to the tragedy of their first winter in the New World.

Community Connections

Community Connections

From Farm to Table
By connecting with other organizations in the area, Feeding Hands became a recipient of the Wagner Farm Arboretum Giving Garden program. Starting in mid-summer and continuing through the fall, they harvest produce at the Rutgers Experimental Station in Pittstown. Each week one of our volunteers picks up the produce and delivers it not only to Feeding Hands, but to our Somerville neighbors, Agape House and S.H.I.P.