Thank You to the Finderne Rescue Squad for Last Night's Donation!

The Feeding Hands team unloading 976 pounds of food from the Finderne Rescue Squad.

Last night, the team of volunteers at Feeding Hands was overwhelmed by a massive, surprise donation from Finderne Rescue Squad!

During the pantry's regular Tuesday evening hours, the Finderne Rescue Squad pulled up in their rescue vehicle with a sleigh full of donations trailing behind. The Rescue Squad and the volunteers from Feeding Hands worked to get all of these donations unloaded and, when all was said and done, it was an AMAZING 976 pounds of food!

Growth and Impact-A Vision for the Future

Thank you!

The vision of Feeding Hands is to develop a groundswell of individuals, churches, and businesses engaged in addressing poverty and helping those who are caught in its clutches.

In just 18 short months since we launched our first food pantry, we have grown so much. Starting only with a few postcards with our location on them, word of how we feed with dignity and love spread between those in need in the area. More and more came each month. In November, we served 231 families in only 14 total hours, providing each with a weeks’ worth of food. And although it sounds like an assembly line, it is not. Listen here to our guests beautiful words of thanks as proof.

The Church Provides Thanksgiving Baskets

Last Saturday, hands came together…a couple of hundred hands…Feeding Hands from 15 different churches…Feeding Hands with a heart to follow Christ…a heart to be His hands…a heart to love their neighbor as themselves…many churches being THE Church…united together so others may believe. We walked the perimeter Friday night, praying for all who would come. Praying that Jesus would be glorified.

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

For the last few weeks, Feeding Hands Pantry has been handing out vouchers for our clients to come out on Saturday, November 21 to receive food supplies for a full Thanksgiving dinner. However, to make that happen, there is a LOT of work that goes on behind the scenes to get all of those supplies and to get everything organized. Executive Director and Founder Lois Bennett works with dozens of volunteers to help make that happen.

Being There in the Joy, Relief, Sharing and Grief

The produce section at Feeding Hands

We served 221 families providing food to almost 600 individuals in September-up another 10% over August. But the numbers do not tell the story.

We have been so blessed to be here to help so many guests meet their physical need for food and their need to be treated with the dignity that was instilled in them by their creator. We have been there to share in their joy, their relief, their sharing, and their grief. The joy of the woman who had just been told by her boss that she was getting a raise.