Deep Conversation and Rich Interaction

Volunteers serving guests.

Quite frankly, God is blowing me away! We finished August serving 63 families on Tuesday and 198 families for the month. Both were records, but they are just numbers. What really blew me away was the way in which the Holy Spirit moved each of you to engage with our 198 guests. Just yesterday, I saw so many deep conversations going on between you and our guests. Conversations between neighbors! Conversations that said, “You are important to me.” And “You are important to God!

Hams from the Blue!

A fully stocked freezer, ready for guests

Your time commitment makes it possible to feed the many families who come to us. But the love you show them is life altering. And the Lord is blessing us with signs he is with us.

Early in the month, Jerry received a call from “the blue” asking if we could take 17 cases of hams. We did not solicit these hams; do not know who brought them to us or how they were directed to us. At least at first. When we realized there were 10 hams in each of those cases making 170 the total number of hams we received, we knew the Lord directed this donation. Feeding Hands feeds an average of 170 families each and every month. The Lord provided a ham for each of our families!

A Sense of Belonging

Helping a family load up.

Another month has passed and I can’t help but feel God is pleased with the work of our hearts and our hands. The 170 families we served in May were blessed not only by the provision we supplied them, but with the love with which we provided it. I hope you can sense their feeling of belonging as they come to a place that loves and accepts them without judgement. There is a relaxed atmosphere in the church as they wait for their turn that was not there when most who came were brand new and tentative about how we would receive them.

Happy Anniversary

Thanksgiving distribution

Happy Anniversary! We have just completed our first year of serving those in need in the Somerville area. We ended with a bang. Three consecutive weeks serving between 46 and 50 families each week. And we have been distributing more nutritious options including 15 cases of fresh produce on Tuesday alone! In theory, there is no way we could accomplish this in our small confines supported by a congregation the size of Emmanuel. And yet we did by keeping focused on the Lord and the work He wanted us to do.


Praying together.

It is hard to believe we are ready to start another month… the final month of our first year of operation! Oh, how much God has grown us! He has grown our process. He has grown the number of people we have fed. He has grown both the quantity and variety of food that we distribute. He has grown our ability to love our clients who are our neighbors. But what I have noticed lately is that he has grown the unity with which we serve.

True and Genuine Religion


We are so blessed to be able to watch God work! And all because we volunteer our time to help the vulnerable. He has blessed us again and again as you can see in the prayer room as we track his hand upon us. Can it be because he sees how we are caring for the vulnerable who are close to his heart?