Cracking Open Hearts

Praying together.

Wow! What a month we had. The word is out that we are handing out food with a heavy dose of caring. In fact, there was a man on Tuesday that told us someone in Somerville created their own fliers and were handing them out on the street! As a result we served 115 families, containing 300 people during August. That is up well over 100% from July when we consider July was a 5 week month and August was only 4 weeks. This past Tuesday alone we served 36 families…20 of which were new! With all this activity we have to be adjusting our processes in order to handle those who the Lord is sending to us. We are scrambling to keep the pantry full too. I so appreciate the flexibility each of you have shown and that you are serving with your hearts on the forefront.

So what is the lasting result of this? By following Jesus’ teachings on how to serve our neighbor, we are cracking open the door to hearts. Our devotion before we started this week was about Barnabas and encouragement. We spoke about how encouragement is more impactful when people are in difficult circumstances. As a result, they will be more likely to see our light shine and be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit. Here are some examples.

We have a client who was coming in regularly who we asked to help us during the day on Tuesday. He was thrilled and worked very hard. He shared later that it had been a very long time since anyone gave him an opportunity and he was so happy and grateful to be asked. He will be there to help each Tuesday afternoon. A little bit of encouragement did wonders for this man’s spirit.

We had a woman come in Tuesday who has 4 children. She is working 40 hours a week for $10 an hour as a home health aide for 4 patients. She is not reimbursed for the 60 miles or so she travels in her old car each day to see her patients so she pays that from her pocket with what is left after taxes are taken from her check. She pays her bills and feeds her family with what is left. Unfortunately, her power had been turned off and she was 2 months back on her rent…with another month due in a few days. We gave her some ideas on where she could go for help. We loaded her up with food that did not need to be refrigerated. We hugged her as she cried and prayed with her. She still had the same situation when she left but she left with some hope and a lift in her spirit telling us that “the last shall be first.”

Can you see how the Lord is using our encouragement to crack open hearts?